FIRE strategy, life-hacks, mobility, remote working, location independence,
to be free and flexible enough to take advantage of
spontaneous meetings, opportunities and situations.

As we're on the road a lot, we get to experience many different countries, societies, cities, and civilisations, all with wildly different ways of living a life. Designing your life to maximise the advantages of generating income from some places and spending it in others, the concept of Geoarbitrage is not a new one and people have always relocated to design a better life for themselves.

Chasing FIRE through Geoarbitrage

More recently, however, it has been finely tuned and developed into an industry and a viable life-hack for improving quality of life, activating your F.I.R.E. strategy (Financial Independence, Retire Early) or providing more financial security or longevity just by changing location and reducing your living expenses. For others, it's about removing pollution, crime, stress, distractions and traffic from your life, and surrounding yourself with cleaner air, water, better food, fewer people, open spaces, and other vital resources that aren't related to chasing money, but more focused on freedom and enjoying your life while making the most of your time on the planet.

If you have designed your life to be able to work from anywhere, and your clients and partners are only a Skype, email or a Whatsapp call away, then you can reduce and remove expenses for your business and personal existence, hit the road, and work from wherever you are. Suddenly, your possessions have stopped owning you, and you're free to go, travel, explore, visit and experience the places you have always wanted to, knowing that you're still perpetually connected to the business world, and your various sources of income and travel capital. The upside of this, is that you're also free and flexible enough to take advantage of the meetings, opportunities and situations that only become possible if you're in that particular location, at that point in time, to meet that actual person or group of people.