Dr. Frank Escoubes, MBA

Frank Escoubes

President of Bluenove

"Democracy is going through chaotic times: extreme polarization of societies, top-down Covid-19 sanitary crisis management, endangered freedom of speech, etc. We can (and should) invent a truly inclusive form of democracy by mobilizing and consulting citizens more frequently and more massively: democracy is first and foremost a narrative exercise.

By designing new ways of deliberating with citizens: democracy begins in conversation. And by transforming radically the way citizens vote and decide."


Frank Escoubes is the co-founder of Bluenove, a consulting and technology firm specialising in open innovation and collective intelligence based in France and Canada. Frank is a former Deloitte Principal and is also the founder of the Social Innovation platform 'Imagination for People' aimed at supporting collective intelligence applied to societal issues at a global scale. Frank is an Ashoka Fellow (Social Entrepreneurship) and a Royal Society of Arts 21st Century Enlightenment RSA Fellow (UK).